The Artist

Indya Smith, owner and creator of Poison Jam, has always had a passion for formulating unique artistic ideas and designs along with an ample interest in fashion. With a desire for creating concepts, scouting locations, styling and designing her looks, she started her career as a model in the fall of 2013, later creating her fashion blog, East Indy Street.


Since Indya's youth, Tokyo’s city life played a heavy role in setting the tone for her interest in neon. The lights, language, colors and streetwear helped to define the essence of who she was as a person, later shaping her eclectic sense of style and way of life. In 2016, Indya saw the people's interest in neon and decided to combine her undying love for couture design and the ever-growing popularity of EL wire into a one-of-a-kind neon clutch, paving the way for an entirely new and revolutionary concept in fashion.