Where A Neon Sign Meets Couture Design


The Clutch:

Poison Jam neon handbags are a beautiful hybrid of Japanese influence and couture design. Each handbag creates a unique and hypnotic ambience when displayed in public by featuring our vibrant neon artwork within a clear box clutch. All of our pieces are handcrafted from start to finish and are limited, signed and numbered (limited amounts vary per collection). No styles will ever be repeated or resold once they are out of stock unless otherwise stated.

*Please note that because all of our products are handmade, each handbag may have a slight variation in detail from store image.


What is electroluminescent wire?

Electroluminescent wire is a flexible, lightweight, bright glowing copper wire which has often been used for ornamental purposes. The wire is coated in a phosphor and sealed in a plastic shell which gives the wire its unique glow and protects it from the elements. For optimal functionality, our handbags are best used at night or in low, dimly lit areas. Note: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or UV light will cause the color to fade over time. We do not recommend exposing our bags to sunlight for more than an hour.


How do the handbags work?

Every one of our handbags comes with a 3V sound sensitive driver which powers the electroluminescent wire. There are 3 separate functions on each driver: Still Light, Flash or Sound React (reacts to music/sound). Each driver requires 2 AAA batteries and can range from 5-8 hours of constant use. We recommend using rechargeable batteries as to help save on waste. The driver also emits a mild high pitched sound while active, however, the sound is greatly buffered by the pouch of the bag.