About Our Bags:

Poison Jam neon clutches are a beautiful hybrid of Japanese influence and couture design. Each bag creates a unique and hypnotic ambience when displayed in public by featuring our vibrant EL wire artwork within a clear box clutch. All of our bags are handcrafted from start to finish and are limited edition to 50 bags per style. No styles will ever be repeated or resold once they are out of stock unless otherwise stated.  

What is EL wire?

EL wire is short for Electroluminescent wire. EL wire is a super bright glowing plastic wire. It is very flexible and lightweight which makes it ideal for ornamental purposes. Our bags are best used at night or in low, dimly lit areas as sunlight in comparison is much brighter. EL wire is sealed in a plastic shell which gives the wire its unique glow and protects it from the elements.

How long does EL wire last?

Under perfect conditions, the colour of EL wire can last many many years, however, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or UV light will cause the colour to fade over time. We recommend not exposing our bags to sunlight for more than an hour. You can expect 2 to 3 years of true colour from your bag when exposed to average sunlight.

How do our bags work?

Every one of our bags comes with a 3V sound sensitive driver which powers the EL wire. There are 3 different functions on each driver: On, Blink or Sound React (reacts to music/sound). Each driver requires 2 AAA batteries. Battery life can range from 5-8 hours of constant use. We would recommend buying rechargeable batteries as to help save on waste. Every one of the drivers outputs a mild high pitched sound (similar to the sound of a neon sign), however the sound is greatly buffered by the pouch of the bag.